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Avail for Airports staff will take photos of areas that require additional cleaning be initiated. The amount charged will vary by the level of cleaning required:

  • Professional - Variable
    • Vehicle exterior was returned noticeably dirtier than how it was received
    • Floor mats or upholstery are returned noticeably dirtier than how they were received (amount of dirt requires professional cleaning)
    • Significant amounts of dirt or food byproducts are left in the vehicle

  • Severe - $150
    • Combination of interior and exterior filth with significant professional cleaning needed

  • Pet Hair - $150
    • If a pet enters a vehicle at any time without the listing expressly authorizing pets, you will be held responsible and face a $150 fine

  • Smoking - $150
    • If you smoke in the vehicle, you will be charged for scent removal

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