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What do I need to do before dropping my vehicle off?

Please make sure you remove all your personal belongings in your vehicle before you arrive (except for essential transportation safety items like car seat). Your registration will need to be placed in the glovebox. Your vehicle’s registration must be up to date and, if the state your vehicle is registered in requires an exterior registration indicator (typically a sticker), that must reflect a future date outside the reservation window. For additional registration information, please visit our website.

You do not need to vacuum or wash your car, unless it is in state that would require a considerable amount of cleaning.  Because pet hair is difficult to remove in a timely manner, we ask that vehicles with pet hair are cleaned prior to arrival. The cleanliness of your car could impact whether we deem it fit or unfit for sharing. We ask that your vehicle has at least 1/4 tank of gas, or you will be charged for the cost of fueling your vehicle prior to sharing. 

If you have questions about vehicle eligibility or vehicle preparation, please contact Avail Support at 877-447-9403 or

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