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Can I request a vehicle with 4-Wheel Drive/All-Wheel Drive?

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee you will receive a 4 wheel-drive vehicle. However, many of the Mid-Size SUVs and Large SUVs available to you on our platform will have 4-wheel drive. In addition, you can contact Avail Support at 877-447-9403 or, and we will make a note of the request in your reservation!

Denver I-70 4WD/AWD Requirement: Avail in Denver typically has 4WD/AWD vehicles on-hand that meet the Colorado Department of Transportation law that requires all two-wheel-drive vehicles on i-70 (September – May) to have specialized winter tires. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle you receive meets the i-70 requirements. Mid-size and Large SUVs typically have 4WD, but please reach out to Avail Support for more details. 

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