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What are Avail's registration requirements?

In order to ensure we provide drivers a high-quality experience, Avail does have additional rules surrounding registration:

  • Vehicle registration must be up-to-date at time of drop-off.
  • A receipt for registration renewal (without the updated physical registration) will not be accepted.
  • Required registration indicators (typically a sticker) must be up-to-date at vehicle drop-off. Exterior registration requirements vary by state.
  • If your vehicle is registered in a municipality where a city sticker is required, it must also be up-to-date and valid. This requirement will vary by state and city.
  • Registration, both physical paper and exterior indicator (when applicable), must not expire while the vehicle is scheduled to be shared with Avail.

Avail does accept temporary license plates; however, the temporary license plate cannot expire before an owner’s reservation is set to conclude.

If you have questions about vehicle eligibility or vehicle preparation, please contact Avail Support at 877-447-9403 or

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